Dear friends,

I am now working on a book, in which I will
present 100 international artist, who produced videopoetry,
videoperformances (related with poetry or performative-poetry), computer &
web poetry, interactive poetry, ambient poetry, installations, in which the
literary text (but non only literary,
also a visual poetry text, a performative or sonore poetry text) interacts
with the new technologies and media.

This letter is addressed to all the artists who took part in the 90s in the
festivals I organized in Italy , but this
book is also
an occasion to know new artists and poets who work in this field, whose
video, CD an web poetry is not
in my archive yet (follow the link to the entry form for THE ARCHIVE ).

The entry form for THE BOOK is attached (dead line: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE).
Every artist will have in this book a bilingual page Italian/English. The
not-English artists should please fill the attached page-form (very similar
in the
contents to what will be exactly published) in English (or also with an
English translation ready for the publication).

This is an invitation and a call for collaboration (please let it circulate
among the most interesting
electro-experimental poets you know).
If your work is not yet included in my archive, scroll down to find a "real"
address for sending videocassettes (>>>> only a VHS standard PAL copy) or
CD, to let
me know more about you. To the sent video and CD materials must be joined
the entry form for THE ARCHIVE ).
The collected videos and CDs could be presented in the exhibitions
manifestations I will organize in future.
Thank-you for collaboration
Sincerely yours
Caterina Davinio
Artist and curator

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